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ART by J&O Saverys

Solo art exhibition at am studio

Antwerp Art Weekend 2021


As great-granddaughters of Belgian artist Albert Saverys, the sisters want to keep the family's artistry alive.

They have translated their fascination of the Belgian Coast into colourful art series.


ART by Kat Klerks

Solo exhibition at am studio

March - April 2021


Amsterdam-based artist creates perfect imperfection.

Abstract paintings, balancing the right colors, lines and forms.

ART by Jacqy duVal

Solo exhibition at am studio

September 2020 - January 2021


Belgian duo artist emphasizes technique and color in their abstract paintings. A pictural vocabulary of repetitive patterns, geometric forms, and interactive colour sections created by the use of "glue size".

art by Alex De Bruycker

Solo exhibition at am studio

May - August 2020


Extra dimensional artworks by Ghent-based artist,

controlling varying extents of opacity and translucency.

ART by Thomas De Bruyne

Art series by architectural photographer Cafeine.


In "Scultping the Echo of a Quarry", Thomas De Bruyne

records the breathtaking splendor of the marble quarry. 

Inkjet print photopaper mounted on dibond,

available in limited series.

ART by Laura De Wilde

Solo exhibition at am studio

February - April 2020


Amsterdam-based visual artist, guided by intuition and coincidence to create a perfect balance between color, structure, space and tension.

ART by Eleanor Herbosch

First solo exhibition at am studio

November 2019 - February 2020


Antwerp young artist in paintings and pottery,

based in London. Asian infused art inspired by the Gutai.

ART by Maja Karen

Solo exhibition at am studio

June - August 2019


Danish photographer specialized in aesthetically capturing

still life and portraits.

Moods and feelings, the raw and the naked.

ART by Eberhard Ross

Solo exhibition at am studio

August - November 2020


Recognized German artist who reveals his inspiration

by the philosophy of Zen Buddhism in his art.

Abstract paintings with tones and colors affected by markmaking.


Sculptures, lamps and vases with curved and comforting shapes made from sandstone, by French-based artist.

ART OBJECTS BY Jos Devriendt

Night and Day collection by Ghent-based artist,

available at am studio.


The designer's lighting fixtures form a ceramic jacket over the light source. Unique pieces, handmade in ceramic.

ART OBJECTS by Marie Beckman

Modern artist based in Sweden.


Unique sculptures in which lines, surface and movement

blend together. Handmade, unique pieces in ceramic.